GBIF Public Symposium 2016

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26 October 2016
13:00 - 16:30 CEST

The first half of the programme for the 2016 symposium reports on progress on many areas of activity across the network, while the second half introduces future directions either underway or under discussion. The programme concludes with brief presentations on the 2016 Young Researchers Awards and the announcement of the winners of the 2016 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge.

Symposium Programme

Progress report milestones for 2016: licensing, citation and taxonomy

Tim Hirsch, GBIF Secretariat—Presentation

National perspective on re-licensing data throu Creative Commons

Tsuyoshi Hosoya, Japan—Presentation

Scaling up capacity enhancement: BID, BIFA and supplementary funding

Mélianie Raymond, GBIF Secretariat—Presentation

Strengthening the biodiversity stakeholders network in Togo: A BID national project in Africa

Pierre Radji, Togo—Presentation

Building biodiversity informatics skills in Asia

Yu-Huang Wang, TaiBIF—Presentation

Capacity enhancement in Latin America

Dairo Escobar, Colombia—Presentation

View from a mentor

André Heughebart, Belgium—Presentation

GBIF’s priorities and direction for 2017-2021

Highlights from 2017 implementation plan

Donald Hobern, GBIF Secretariat—Presentation

Mobilizing collections

Greg Riccardi, iDigBio | United States—Presentation

Delivering relevant data: The case of agrobiodiversity

Rui Figueira, Portugal—Presentation

View from a new Participant

Néstor Acosta, Ecuador—Presentation

Pushing the boundaries: promoting innovation

Next steps for a sneak preview

Kyle Copas, GBIF Secretariat

Winners: Young Researchers Awards

  • Juan M. Escamilla-Mólgora (Mexico | Lancaster University)—Videos: Thanks, abstract, detailed

  • Bruno Umbelino da Silva Santos (Brazil | Federal University of Alagoas)—Presentation

Winners: 2016 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Rod Page, University of Glasgow | Chair, GBIF Science Committee—Announcement

Brasil 21 Convention Center
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26 October 2016 13:00 - 16:30