Digitization and mobilization of specimen data from Indonesia's Herbarium Bogoriense

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Lobelia epilobioides (Campanulaceae)
The type specimen of Lobelia epilobioides (Campanulaceae), collected in August 1913 from Mount Batoe, Celebes, coll. by Rachmat in Expedition L. Van Vuuren. Image 2017 via Herbarium Bogoriense (BO). All right reserved”.

With a collection comprising nearly one million specimens, Herbarium Bogoriense (BO) is the largest herbarium in Southeast Asia. To provide researchers around the world with greater access to this unique resource, the project team will begin digitizing information from at least 10,000 specimens.

The initial focus will prioritize digitization of the herbarium's general and type collections for laurels (Lauraceae), myrtles (Myrtaceae) and scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae). These specimens will be critically important for any efforts to revise the taxonomy for each of these three families, and most of their constituents species are economically valuable due their use as ornamentals, food, furniture and medicine. Records from the collection will be linked to duplicates at Naturalis Biodiversity Center to support and benefit botanists to study the complete set of collections from both institutions.

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1 September 2021 - 28 February 2023
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Herbarium Bogoriense
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Atik Retnowati
Herbarium Bogoriense
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