Advancing Jamaican biodiversity data products and information services

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This project will enable the Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ) and its national and overseas partners to strengthen collaborative ties, improve technical resources and increase access to biodiversity knowledge and data.

Key activities include:

  • Training in the digitization of publications and specimens

  • Creation of metadata for biological datasets

  • Napping of research and species distributions

  • Open data sharing of species images, records, and maps

  • A workshop intended to highlight the uses of project data for especially IAS management, National Park planning and wildlife research monitoring.

Access to relevant data and information is critical for conservation of Jamaican biodiversity, especially in light of habitat destruction, invasive alien species (IAS) and climate change. The NHMJ has been instrumental in generating and providing access to Jamaican biodiversity data and information and its biological collections, the oldest and most comprehensive locally, represent all habitat types for Jamaica. The NHMJ has relied on these collections while working with in-country partners like National Environment and Planning Agency and Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust to develop national conservation strategies, action plans and protected area management plans.

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Type of grant
National grant
1 May 2017 - 1 Dec 2018
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Mr Shaw, Minister of Finance and the Public Service
Ministry of Finance and Public Service
30 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4, Jamaica

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