Capacity enhancement for the Ghana node of GBIF

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Elephant in Mole National park, Ghana. Photo by Stig Nygaard, via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-2.0

This project develops a strategic plan for the GBIF node in Ghana (GhaBIF) to enhance its capacity as a national biodiversity information institution. Biodiversity data needs and examples of data uses are documented to demonstrate the benefit to be derived from biodiversity data mobilization and sharing. The capacity of partner institutions across the country will also be enhanced through training activities on data publishing.

The data mobilization efforts target important biodiversity information gaps for Ghana. The partners will mobilize sample-based plant occurrence data to complement the specimen-based plant data that the node has already published. The project will also initiate the mobilization of vertebrate data from Ghanaian institutions, which will be a first major step for a vertebrate-oriented data mobilization effort in West Africa.

Project Progress

The project team has developped and distributed survey questionnaires on data holding and data needs to biodiversity stakeholders in Ghana.

A member of the project team attended the BID Capacity Enhancement workshop organized in Kigali, Rwanda, and is now in the process of organizing a workshop to disseminate acquired knowledge.

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1 Jun 2016 - 1 Dec 2018
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