Mobilizing Indonesian butterfly collections at the Museum Zoologi Bogor (II)

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Pareronia valeria
Wanderer (Pareronia valeria) observed near Panti, West Sumatra by Subir B. Shakya. Photo via iNaturalist (CC BY-NC 4.0.

Continuing the success of a previous BIFA grant, this project is focused on digitizing the butterfly collection at the Bogor Zoology Museum (MZB) in Indonesia, currently estimated to hold 58,000 specimens.

Exceeding their targets in 2019 with more than 9,700 specimens digitized and published to GBIF, the project team aims to mobilize another 9,300 specimens belonging to the Pieridae and Riodinidae families as well as select type specimens.

Identification of specimens will be done in collaboration with experts at Kyushu Univeristy Museum, Japan, the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands. To further leverage the experiences gained and attract more participation, the project team will also publish a manual on data mobilization of butterfly collections and records.

Project progress

During the first half of the project, the project lead participated virtually in the GBIF Asia Virtual Summit held in July 2020 and the 2020 Entomological Collections Network- ECN Virtual Meeting in November 2020, giving presentations about working on this project.

By the midterm reporting the project has documented approximately 3,800 specimens of the family Pieridae deposited at the insect collection room of Museum Zoologi Bogor, for which this number includes specimens of nine genera Appias, Belenois, Catopsilia, Cepora, Gandaca, Ixias, Pareronia, Saletara, and part of Delias. Five datasets of 1,931 specimens (arranged according to the genera of butterfly families) have also been published to GBIF.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the project team has had to adapt and make slight adjustments to the project’s implementation, however despite this, has been able to progress with the work and planned activities of the project.

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15 July 2020 - 31 July 2021
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Djunijanti Peggie
Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Gedung Widyasatwaloka
Bogor, Jawa Barat 16911