2021 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme recipients receive project funding

The 2021 CESP grants awards to five new collaborative projects involving 14 GBIF participants

Ipidecla schausi
Ipidecla schausi (Godman & Salvin, 1887) observed in Curitiba, Brazil by Roberto Cyrino (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Five new proposals have been selected to receive funding through the Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP) for projects to be carried out over the next year aimed at addressing specific needs identified by GBIF Participants by facilitating collaboration at regional and global levels.

Collectively involving institutions from 14 participant countries and organizations, the projects were selected among 12 proposals and cover activities from node mentoring to extending knowledge and strengthening skills of data holders and publishers through workshops and documentation.

In total, the five selected projects will receive funding of €74,000 from CESP and more than €140,000 in co-funding:

Project Lead Partners Funding from CESP Co-funding
Mentoring of GBIF Cameroon by GBIF Benin and GBIF France GBIF Cameroon GBIF Benin
GBIF France
€14,989 €30,894
Extending knowledge on biodiversity data quality and publication in the Spanish-speaking community GBIF Argentina Biodiversidata
GBIF Colombia
GBIF Costa Rica
€14,800 €27,240
Filling taxonomic and geographic gaps in open data by strengthening skills of the Brazilian zoological collections network Brazilian Society of Zoology (Associação Brasileira de Zoologia) Direcção Geral do Ambiente de STP
GBIF Angola
GBIF Brazil
GBIF Portugal
Institute of Engineering and Marine Sciences, Technical University of the Atlantic
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
€15,000 €50,197
Enhancing capacity of the South Sudan Node GBIF South Sudan GBIF Kenya €14,994 €5,081
Mentoring of GBIF Armenia by GBIF France GBIF Armenia GBIF France €14,260 €27,000

The annual CESP calls provide co-funding to GBIF Participants for capacity enhancement projects based on combinations of mentoring activities, regional training workshops and documentation—all part of the suite of capacity enhancement activities provided by GBIF, to enable effective mobilization and use of biodiversity information.