On-line tool for creating maps that can be used for publications and presentations. The user can provide the tool with lists of geographic coordinate pairs and then customize their maps by indicating the layers and the detail level of their choice. Also useful during data quality checks to verify the accuracy of our georeferences. Interface available in English and French.

Create grayscale or colour point maps suitable for reproduction on print media by copying and pasting geographic coordinates in layers, choosing pushpin styles, then downloading the result. A RESTful API as well as WMS and WFS services are provided.
Maps have been produced by authors for papers in MycoKeys, ZooKeys, PhytoKeys , Zootaxa, Aquatic Ecology, Zoosystema, PLoS ONE, Kew Bulletin, The Bryologist, Nature, among others as well as undergraduate and graduate student theses.

Tool: SimpleMappr

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Shorthouse, David P. 2010. SimpleMappr, an online tool to produce publication-quality point maps. [Retrieved from]