ZOORBAR, Natural history collections management program

ZOORBAR is a MS-Access based application designed to digitize and manage any kind of natural history collection. It supports digital images, specific attributes, management of loans, requests and exchanges, label production, and other different kind of outputs.

It supports data export into DarwinCore format tables, ready to be published through GBIF.


ZOORBAR is a piece of software to digitalize and manage natural history collections developed and recommended by the Spanish GBIF Node. Its flexible attribute system makes possible to adapt it to any biological collection.

Tool: ZOORBAR, Natural history collections management program

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Pando, F. & al. (2006). ZOORBAR (versión): Una aplicación de bases de datos para gestión de Colecciones Naturales http://www.gbif.es/zoorbar/zoorbar.php (fecha cuando fue consultado).