Papis, specimen and image database

Papis is a FileMaker database system designed to digitize and manage zoological collections. It allows specimen image handling, trip recording, label generation and specimen loan management.

Papis© is a database system based on FileMaker® Pro 11 – The Papis© system is designed for specimen registration throughout the Animal Kingdom in and is intended to be simple and easy to use.

Papis© covers the basic needs for registration and online data sharing and is well suited for institutions as well as for individual scientists/curators.

You can install Papis© on your desktop computer, or bring it with you on your laptop when traveling to other museums or into the field. Or you can install Papis© on a FileMaker© server, give access rights to selected individuals and let people work simultaneously with the system.

Tool: Papis, specimen and image database

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Pape, T. & Ioannou, N. (2012), Papis v.3.0 Software and User’s Guide (168 pp.), available from GBIF (