B-VegAna, Biodiversity and Vegetation Analysis

B-VegAna is a set of Java tools that allow management of several types of biodiversity information: taxonomy, literature, occurrences, distribution, etc in an integrated manner.


B-VegAna (Vegetation edition and Analysis) is an integrated software package oriented towards the storage, management and analysis of ecological data. The package consists of several programs which can be run independently.

It includes ten applications (Fagus, Quercus, Ginkgo, Yucca, Zamia, Taxus, Webherb, Wisteria WMS, Welwitschia y Araucaria). The first seven applications offer the opportunity for any user to manage biodiversity data in many interesting ways with an unified interface and data format, the last three apps provide webservices. After almost nine years of development they have become solid tools with a clearly defined added value.

Tool: B-VegAna, Biodiversity and Vegetation Analysis

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