BioCASE Provider Software

The BioCASE Provider Software (BPS) allows to publish biodiversity data in networks such as BioCASE and GBIF. It is very flexible and it can use different data standards to do this (including Darwin Core archives, DwC-A). It needs to be installed in a web server with Python installed.

Extensive documentation on the tool, how to install it, etc. is available at

The BioCASe Provider Software is an XML data binding middleware for publishing data from a relational database to an information network. It is agnostic of the data model used for data publication and can be used in conjunction with any conceptual schema. However, its main field of application is the publication of occurrence data from specimen or observational databases to primary biodiversity information networks such as the BioCASe network ( and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( After installing BioCASe and configuring it for a given database, the published information will be accessible as a BioCASe web service, which means it can be retrieved with BioCASe protocol requests.

Tool: BioCASE Provider Software

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