Annosys, a generic annotation system for biodiversity data

Annosys is a project that is exploring possible ways to annotate biodiversity data. A basic prototype is available in their web page, together with detailed information on the implementation plans for the project.

The Annosys project main objective is to exemplarily develop a specification for an annotation data repository for networked and highly complex scientific data. AnnoSys is based on a prototype developed in the context of SYNTHESYS and uses the Open Ontology and the Open Annotation Extension Specification of the Open Annotation Community Group and an RDF-database for storing the information.

AnnoSys will be implemented using the example of collection and observation data in the botanic domain provided by the GBIF/BioCASE system (currently over 50.8 million data sets, including 15 million data sets from natural history collection objects).

Analogical to the traditional, written annotation of natural history collection objects, e.g. concerning their taxonomic identity, a procedure is established for data available via the internet. This will allow annotations of single data sets as well as mass annotations for sets of collection objects.

Using the example of natural history collection data in the framework of GBIF-Germany the project develops solutions for several cross-domaine and domaine-specific problems and implements them in a pilot system.

Tool: Annosys, a generic annotation system for biodiversity data

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