EDIT CDM DataPortal

The EDIT CDM DataPortal can be used to publish taxonomic data on the web. It works as a Drupal module that can be combined with others to build complete websites.


The EDIT CDM Data Portal publishes taxonomic data data hosted in a CommunityStore either to a closed community or to the public at large. It has been implemented as a module for the content management system Drupal.

The EDIT Data Portal supports zoological and botanical names (support for viral and bacterial names should be available soon), as well as multiple concurrent taxonomies. Rules as specified by the nomenclatural codes ICBN and ICZN are built into the CDM, ensuring that taxon names conform to these standards.

Each taxon is represented by an individual page, which displays the list of synonyms, related taxa, occurrences, descriptions, media, and more. The list of homotypic and heterotypic synonyms is ordered historically and grouped by types; its layout resembles that found in printed publications. Images of protologues and of type specimens are linked directly from taxon names and synonym lists. In addition, taxon pages will allow users to contribute annotations as text or images.

Tool: EDIT CDM DataPortal

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