Sequence ID

Sequence ID

This tool will query taxonomy reference databases for Fungi or Animals

ITS sequences for Fungi will be queried against the UNITE Species Hypothesis General FASTA release, a reference database for DNA barcoding of Fungi.

COI sequences for Animals will be queried against a 99% clustered version of the International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) public data (COI-5P sequences). This is similar to the assembly of preconfigured reference databases for Chordates and Arthropods in the AMPtk (AMPlicon Tool Kit).

All matches returned are compared with Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs) from UNITE and International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) that are in the GBIF backbone taxonomy. Users can download the matched results as a csv that includes the OTU identifiers (e.g. SH1528411.08FU or BOLD:AAI8076), which can then be used to publish sequence-based occurrence records to GBIF.

Users may upload files in either CSV or FASTA formats. At present, only ITS sequences are supported. Sequence ID expects CSVs to have a column named 'sequence' and an 'id' or 'occurrenceId' column. Users can also paste FASTA-formatted sequences into a text field.

Learn more about the collaboration between GBIF and UNITE