Information regarding access to services

Please read this page carefully as it may relate to your ability to access data from

If you have been redirected to this page, it is likely that your use of the GBIF services at, and/or has been temporarily restricted. GBIF provides free access to our APIs, but some queries or querying patterns cause a high load on our servers, and may be restricted.

In particular, search queries with a high offset (≥10,000) are limited. Users requiring all occurrence data for a species, area or other search should instead use the GBIF Occurrence Download API.

If you have questions or believe that you are seeing this message in error, please contact If necessary, we may also be able to help you generate customized data downloads, especially for complicated and/or very large queries.

We thank you for your interest in using GBIF-mediated data and apologize for the inconvenience.