Implementing national flows of biodiversity data in Suriname

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Stinking passionflower (Passiflora foetida), Brokopondo, Suriname. Photo 2018 Maheva Bagard Laursen via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

The National Herbarium of Suriname (BBS) and the National Zoological Collection of Suriname (NZCS/CMO) hold data on their country's flora and fauna. Both institutions deal with data that still has to be processed and digitized, and both need infrastructure to disseminate the structured biodiversity and environmental data to develop and implement informed policy measures.

To mobilize and structure environmental and biodiversity data needed for national planning and policymaking, the National Institute for Environment and Development Suriname (NIMOS) has established the Environmental Information Network in Suriname (SMIN). BBS, NZCS/CMO and NIMOS built a foundation for collaboration during the first round of the BID programme, and in this follow-up project they will create a workflow or process model for data mobilization to streamline the activities within the consortium. The partners have signed a formal memorandum of understanding to ensure continuity of data exchange, integration and publication through SMIN and GBIF, while the the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment (Ministerie van Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer) is preparing its request to join GBIF as a national participant.

In this project, the partners will develop and manage the institutional databases and infrastructure needed to mobilize fauna and flora data while establishing validated and accepted workflows and protocols.

Project progress

The workflow and protocols for data production and data dissemination on national level and through GBIF are in progress. The protocols are continuously being reviewed and adjusted to comply with the data management plan. Development of the Protocol Data Management BBS and Workflow BBS and NZCS and NIMOS are in progress.
The National Database (IBOSS) has yet to be developed. 80% of BBS collections are already photographed and additional collections are continuously being imaged.

The training workshop Data Mobilization has been held in January 2022. This activity was completed earlier than scheduled, because the Data Managers needed the knowledge and information to perform their tasks and to deliver the results. The first dataset has been published through GBIF.

The Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment of Suriname has sent the Letter of Intent to become a GBIF Country Participant to the GBIF Secretariat, and now Suriname is the 11th country in the Latin America and Caribbean region to join GBIF.

Data Managers at BBS and NZCS/CMO participated in the DataCamp Training 'Career Track Data Analyst with R'.

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Data-use grant
1 July 2021 - 30 June 2023
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Eliza Zschuschen
Anton de Kom University of Suriname - National Herbarium of Suriname
Leysweg 86

POB 9212 Paramaribo

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