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The GBIF.ES National Biodiversity Data Portal provides free access to biodiversity records published by Spanish entities as well as records from foreign institutions referred to the Spanish territory. This portal enables users to search, filter, access, visualize and download biodiversity data. It is available in Spanish, Catalan and English. Future upcoming developments planned are: access information pages for each species, access images of specimens, explore data around Spanish regions, show usage statistics for each collection and use the GBIF Backbone Taxonomy as the portal’s name reference list. GBIF Spain contributes its localized customizations back to the open-source ALA project.

GBIF Spain has collaborated with Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France and Portugal to implement their national data portals based on ALA through several institutional projects such as GBIF Mentoring project between the French, Portuguese and Spanish nodes, CoopBioPlat ERANet-LAC project or the Encounter Bay GBIF CESP project.

Project start
28 November 2014
Project lead
GBIF Spain