Capacity building and biodiversity data mobilization to address health and food security priorities in Benin

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Flowers of the Dawadawa tree (Parkia biglobosa). Photo by TreeAid via flickr. CC BY 2.0

This project mobilizes data about medicinal plants and multipurpose agroforestry plant species in Benin, strengthening the national network’s capacity and promoting the use of these data in biodiversity conservation.

To achieve this, priority medicinal plants known to treat malaria and important agroforestry species in use in the country are being identified, and workshops on data mobilization and data use are organized. Over 59,000 data records will be published through and the GBIF Benin portal. Relevant data held in collections in France, Netherlands and Belgium are also being gathered and will be published.

The project maps the distribution of targeted species and will suggest conservation strategies to policy makers during workshops on the conservation and sustainable use of these species.

Project Progress

An information and planning workshop was held to inform all the partners of the project’s objectives and activities’ implementation plan.

A workshop on capacity building in biodiversity data mobilization, targeting biodiversity data holders and users in Benin, was organized to increase mobilisation of national biodiversity data and enhance capacity of main stakeholders.

Over 11,000 occurrence data on agroforestry and medicinal plants have been mobilized and published through

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1 Jun 2016 - 1 Dec 2018
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