Senegalese National Information System on Biodiversity - SENBIO-INFOS

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Chlorocala guerini (Janson, 1888)

Chlorocala guerini (Janson, 1888), Senegal, from iNaturalist Research-grade Observations. Photo by Lies Van Rompaey licensed under CC BY

This project establishes the Senegalese National Information System on Biodiversity - SENBIO-INFOS to enable access to data related to species in the country. SENBIO acts as a coordinating node, with the National Biodiversity Committee serving as advisory committee and facilitating scientific and technical collaboration. It is linked to national clearing house mechanisms which provide information towards the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and contributes to the implementation of national biodiversity strategy and action plans.

Agreements on data sharing and exchange, set up between relevant biodiversity-related organizations and stakeholders as part of the project, will ensure the sustainability of the node. National parks and directorates, fisheries and agricultural departments in the country, the Centre de Suivi Ecologique – a public body under the Ministry of Environment, universities and non-governmental organizations will receive training and collaborate to share biodiversity knowledge through SENBIO-INFOS. Over 47,000 data records will be mobilized by the partners, including both occurrence and sampling event datasets. SENBIO will organize workshops and policy briefs will target policy and decision makers to inform them on the importance of biodiversity for sustainable development.

Project Progress

A series of meetings within the national consortium resulted in the appointment of a Project Steering Committee and a Monitoring Committee in charge of ensuring a sound and timely implementation of the project activities.

A national workshop attended by over 100 participants launched the project and introduced the project's objectives to national stakeholders involved in biodiversity conservation and enhancement.

Furthering the projects commitment to data mobilisation, a training workshop attended by 23 participants and focusing on data digitization, data cleaning and data publication strengthened the capacities of the project stakeholders.

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Type of grant
National biodiversity data mobilization grant
1 June 2016 - 31 December 2018
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Funded by
Contact details

Pr. Bienvenu SAMBOU, Director
Institut des Sciences de l'Environnement (ISE)
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques,
Université Cheikh Diop, Dakar, Senegal
BP 5005 Dakar-Fann

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