Mobilization of biodiversity data on protected areas and threatened species in Benin

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Afzelia africana seed pod. Photo by Marco Schmidt via Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

This project increases availability of data on protected areas, including from the W and Pendjari national parks of Benin, and on threatened species such as Afzelia africana. The project team organized and carried out a training workshop on data mobilization, entry, quality and publishing. A total number of 5,475 data records have been made available through the project.

Mobilized data will be used to identify potential habitats for threatened species, and the results will help park managers focus long-term conservation efforts in the relevant areas.

Project Progress

The project has mobilized, digitized and published 2,062 records on plant species and 3,413 records on animal species from W Reserve of Biosphere and Pendjari Reserve of Biosphere.

Training workshops focusing on data mobilization, data digitization, data quality and data publishing have been conducted for the project partners and staff from W and Pendjari national parks with 42 people benefitting from these workshops.

W and Pendjari national parks representatives committed themselves to continue mobilizing and publishing data through by signing a memorandum of understanding. The data mobilized in the project has led the way for new ecological niche models for Afzelia africana as well as four target mammalian species, Panthera leo, Loxodonta africana, Hippotragus equinus and Syncerus caffer, compiled into a technical biodiversity report for conservation managers and key decision makers.

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Type of grant
Institution-level biodiversity data mobilization grant
1 June 2016 - 31 December 2017
Project identifier
Funded by
Co funded by
  • W National Park Management
  • Pendjari National Park Management
Project lead
National Forest Office of Benin
Contact details

KAKPO Theophile, General Director of National Forest of Benin
National Forest Office of Benin
BP 393 Cotonou, Benin

€ {{ 4986 | localNumber}}