Mobilizing biodiversity data from ASEAN protected areas

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Karst cliffs on Ba Bê Lake in Ba Bê National Park, an ASEAN Heritage Park. Image by Rolf Müller via wikimedia. CC BY SA 3.0.

The goal of this project was to facilitate the mobilization of biodiversity information from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Heritage Parks which are regionally significant protected areas for biodiversity.

At present, biodiversity data collected from park surveys are documented through various means and do not always conform to global standards. A workshop for selected park management staff has strengthened their skills in biodiversity information management and data publishing through hands-on exercises using datasets from the heritage parks. This project has also provided heritage park staff with training towards monitoring sites with camera traps, and prepared them for the publishing of sample-based data in the future.

The outcome of the project aimed to increase the availability and access to data from the specific protected areas in order to assist policy development.

€ 35,595
Co funding
€ 35,000
1 Apr - 1 Aug 2016