Biodiversity informatics cookbook

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Malayan night heron (Gorsachius melanolophus) observed in Zhishan Mountain Park, Taipei. Image by yaofong-tsao. iNaturalist observation published via GBIF. CC BY NC 4.0

GBIF nodes in India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan will produce a biodiversity informatics ‘cookbook’ – an open-access learning resource to support regional training activities. The resource will first be released via GitBook, a tool for building books, and updated collaboratively by users and experts both from within and outside the region.

To make new data available, the group of nodes will organize a regional training workshop on data cleaning and publishing. Each of the nodes will translate the biodiversity informatics ‘cookbook’ into their local language and organize workshops in their countries to enhance the nodes’ capacity in assisting research institutions and government agencies in meeting their science-policy needs.

€ 33,000
Co funding
€ 38,000
1 May 2016 - 1 Jun 2017