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This mentoring project will strengthen the collaboration between GBIF Madagascar (MadBIF) and GBIF France that was established during the SEP CEPDEC programme (2008-2012). Madagascar has identified the need for guidance and technical support in order to implement a better data mobilization strategy, to mobilize and publish new data using the tools developed by GBIF and following data quality best practices. A first mentoring visit will involve training the node staff and key data holders on these topics as well as building a website for the Madagascar node. Early in 2016, MadBIF will organize workshops and training sessions in different areas in Madagascar with the support of the French team. The project will reinforce Madagascar’s national biodiversity information network and see the publication of new metadata and data sets to the GBIF network.


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15 May 2015 - 30 June 2016
Funded by
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GBIF France

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