Georeferencing and mobilization of plant occurrence data from Pakistan

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Geranium himalayense
Himalayan cranesbill (Geranium himalayense) by Roman Köhler (Public Domain) via Wikimedia Commons.

With over 30,000 plant specimen citations in the Flora of Pakistan, several active plant taxonomists and 18 registered herbaria, the country has a wealth of floristic activity. However, Pakistan is poorly represented in GBIF, with most specimen records coming from the northern mountain regions and none from the extensive and existing herbarium collections. The project will focus on publishing data from the southern provinces while adding to the existing information for the northern regions.

This project aims to activate the mobilization of plant data from herbaria across Pakistan. Utilizing, data will be mobilised from existing specimens in herbaria with immediate attention on collections from ISL (Quaid-i-Azam University), University of Swat and the University of Balochistan. Alongside data digitization efforts, the project sets out to convince data holders of the value of accessible georeferenced data. The project will communicate potential impacts to taxonomic projects and promote greater knowledge-sharing amongst researchers, students and other data users. Combined efforts will result in more taxonomically and geographically comprehensive occurrence data for plant species in Pakistan.

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1 Apr 2018 - 31 Mar 2019
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Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad
Herbarium of Pakistan (ISL) and Botanic Garden
Plant Systemics and Biodiversity Lab,
Department of Plant Sciences Quaid-i-Azam University