West of Urals 2020

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Large red-tailed bumble bee (Bombus lapidarius), Mikhailovsky District, Russian Federation. Photo 2019 Polina Yakovlevna Likhacheva via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

A special collection of data papers on European Russia (west of the Urals) in the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ) in collaboration with the Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) and Pensoft Publishers.

In correspondence with the funding priorities of this project, at least 80% of the records in a dataset should have coordinates that fall within the priority area of European Russia west of the Ural mountains. However, authors of the paper may be affiliated with institutions anywhere in the world. Each of the data papers is a descriptor of more than 5,000 occurrence records from the target region that are new to GBIF.org. Datasets may contain additional records from other regions, and can be published as occurrence or sampling-event datasets, as well as checklists.

The West of Urals 2020 papers in the BDJ special collection edited by Vince Smith, Dmitry Schigel, Ivan Chadin & Alexey Seregin.

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4 Mar - 31 Aug 2020
Northern Eurasia
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