Northern Eurasia

Malacosoma castrense
Malacosoma castrense by Robin Bad via iNaturalist. Photo licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Lack of biodiveristy data from the 12 countries that make up most of the former Soviet Union remains one of the most prominent gaps within GBIF-mediated data. However, the vast range of evidence-based field science, both historical and ongoing, offers a critical basis on which to engage data holders, data users and policymakers across Northern Eurasia and to improve access to and use of open biodiversity data from the region.

Since 2016, an increasing number of scientists across Northern Eurasia have joined a grassroots movement to share open data through their institutions in anticipation of formal participation in GBIF. In response, the GBIF network—both the Secretariat and national nodes in neighbouring countries—has increased its engagement of relevant national ministries while sharing professional expertise and providing cross-border seed funding to project teams in the region.