Watch the GBIF Public Symposium 2014

Held in New Delhi in September, the GBIF Public Symposium featured speakers outlining recent developments in biodiversity informatics and highlighting innovative research uses of GBIF-mediated data. Watch on-demand videos of the live-stream coverage.

The Public Symposium 2014 featured a series of dynamic presenters who highlighted developments in GBIF's infrastructure and community along with innovative research uses of GBIF-mediated data. The result provides a broad overview of recent developments in biodiversity informatics and its benefits to society.

Watch on-demand videos and download speakers' presentations below (with thanks to our New Delhi production partner, Virtual Studio).

  • Part 1: Donald Hobern, Mélianie Raymond & Olaf Bánki, Tim Hirsch.
  • Part 2: Liam Lysaght, Jean Ganglo, Steve Wilkinson, John La Salle.
  • Part 3: Tony Rees, Vijay Barve, Liam Lysaght, Rod Page.
  • Part 4: Arturo Ariño, Joana Magos Brehm, Healy Hamilton, Maharaj Pandit, Paul Oldham.

Public Symposium 2014

Part 1: GBIF developments 2013-14

GBIF Today and Tomorrow

Donald Hobern, Executive Secretary, GBIF Secretariat

Presentation – PDF

GBIF Participation Support

Mélianie Raymond, Senior Programme Officer for Node Development, & Olaf Bánki, Senior Programme Officer for Participation, GBIF Secretariat

Presentation – PDF

GBIF Impacts

Tim Hirsch, Deputy Director, GBIF Secretariat

Presentation – PDF

Part 2: National participation and using data for policy

National data management services in Ireland

Liam Lysaght, Centre Director, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland

Presentation – PDF

GBIF Benin: Progress and plans

Jean Ganglo, Professor of Forestry, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Abomey-Calavi, and Node Manager, GBIF Benin

Presentation – PDF

A species stocktake for UK overseas territories

Steve Wilkinson, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, United Kingdom

Presentation – PDF

Capturing data on biodiversity conservation in Australia.

John La Salle, Director, Atlas of Living Australia

Presentation – PDF

Part 3: GBIF promoting excellence in biodiversity informatics****

2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize: Selected innovations in biodiversity informatics

Tony Rees, CSIRO Australia. Introduced by Rod Page, Chair, GBIF Science Committee

Presentation – PDF | Slideshare

Research update: Emma Gomez, 2013 Young Researchers Award recipient****

2014 Young Researchers Award winner: Vijay Barve

Remarks by Vijay Barve, Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions, India

2014 Young Researchers Award winner: Caoimhe Marshall

Remarks by Liam Lysaght, Centre Director National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Rod Page, Chair, GBIF Science Committee

Presentation – PDF

Part 4: GBIF supporting research for sustainable development****

Filling biodiversity knowledge gaps

Arturo Ariño, Head, Dept. Environmental Biology, and Director, Museum of Natural Sciences, University of Navarra, Spain

Presentation – PDF

GBIF helping to underpin food security

Joana Magos Brehm, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, UK

Presentation – PDF

Biodiversity data and emerging infectious diseases

Healy Hamilton, Chief Scientist, NatureServe, USA

Presentation – PDF

Databases and invasion research: an ecogenomic perspective

Maharaj Pandit, Department of Environmental Studies & Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Mountain & Hill Environment, University of Delhi

Presentation – PDF

Biodiversity and human innovation

Paul Oldham, ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspect of Genomics, Lancaster University

Presentation – PDF