Five projects receive funding from 2019 Capacity Enhancement Support Programme

CESP awards €108,000 to five projects involving 18 GBIF participants

Tockus leucomelas
Lowveld yellowbill hornbill (Tockus leucomelas ssp. parvior) observed in Chipinge, Zimbabwe by Shirley Hitschmann. Photo via iNaturalist (CC BY-NC 4.0)

The 2019 Capacity Enhancement Support Programmme (CESP) has selected five recipients of funding for collaborative projects involving 18 GBIF participant countries and organizations. This year's CESP call resulted in 21 concept notes from which nine projects were invited to submit a full proposal.

The selected projects are:

Addressing priority areas of interest in mentoring, filling data gaps and promoting data use, the awarded projects will receive a combined funding of €108,000 complemented by €183,000 in co-funding.

The Capacity Enhancement Support Programme is funded from GBIF’s core budget, and aims to address specific needs identified by GBIF Participants to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration at regional and global levels. Access to the programme is restricted to those countries and international organizations that have joined the network through signature of the GBIF Memorandum of Understanding.