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The new gallery feature of the occurrence search interface

We are very pleased to announce that the new GBIF.org website is now officially launched. This means the site you're currently visiting is no longer considered a "demo" version, and all visits to gbif.org now leads to this site.

You may notice that the new website has a slightly different URL structure. While we have taken steps to ensure that the more than 2,000 URLs from the former website will redirect correctly to content on the new site, a few may have slipped under the radar. If you do get a "Page not found" message, we encourage you to do a search for the content instead, as the search function has been improved vastly.

In the coming days and weeks, we will introduce you to some of the exciting features of the new site. For now, we encourage you to explore it. As and when you find inconsistencies or missing content, please use the new feedback system accessible on every page in the top right-hand corner:

If you need to access the former GBIF.org website, it's available at www-old.gbif.org, but will no longer be updated.

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