Resources for the GBIF network to use in association with the upcoming big data milestone

The GBIF Secretariat is pleased to provide the Participants and nodes of the GBIF network the following resources to assist them in marking and celebrating the achievement of 1 billion species occurrence records.

We currently expect that GBIF.org will reach 1 billion records on or about 4 July 2018.

Comments? Questions? Interest in coordinating your own activities marking #GBIF1billion?

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Social media

GBIF's presence on social media

We have also prepared a social media calendar with programming for about a month: your comments, additions and suggestions are still most welcome!

Resources for #GBIF1billion

  • Customizable press release
  • Infographics
  • Photo galllery: preselected set of CC-licensed images representing all major taxa drawn from GBIF-mediated occurrences with ready-made captions and creditlines
  • 'Library of life' video, produced by SiB Colombia and GBIF Spain (licensed under CC BY):
    • YouTube: Original Spanish audio with EN, FR, PT, ZH-HANT subtitles
    • Vimeo: Original Spanish audio with EN, FR, PT, ZH-HANT subtitles
    • YouTube: 'Englishes' audio with ES, FR, PT, ZH-HANT subtitles (coming soon)
    • Vimeo: 'Englishes' audio with ES, FR, PT, ZH-HANT subtitles (coming soon)
  • Logos

Supporting stories


  • FAIR-est of them all? Tracking data reuse by linking citations to datasets and publishers
  • Invasives checklists
  • Living Atlases
  • GBIC2



  • Post-Fukushima wildlife monitoring
  • TBD


  • Linking species occurrence and genomic data via OTUs (Linneaus + sequences)
  • citsci through big-volume volunteer networks?

Latin American and the Caribbean

  • BID in action: Tracking the lionfish invasion in Barbados
  • Columbia: Proyecto BIO

North America

  • BioMob digitization in Canada


  • LEAP, Western Australia
  • BID in action: Invasives in Pacific

#GBIF1billion campaign goals

  • Build awareness in new audiences
  • Align existing perceptions with current status and achievements
  • Promote network innovations in the mobilization, delivery, use and citation of open data
  • Emphasize impacts on scientific research and policy

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