Workshop on biodiversity data for the private sector

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4 February 2020

This workshop was held as a part of a CESP project, OpenPSD: Promoting publication and use of private-sector data on biodiversity (CESP2019-004).

The GBIF participant node from Norway invited the private sector to an information meeting on the 5th of February 2020 regarding biodiversity data. The meeting was streamed online as a webcast and is now available online for all interested parties. Please note that the language is Norwegian.

Some of the presentations that were held during the work touched the subjects of

  • The role of GBIF in Norwegian and international data publishing
  • Species observations and data publishing through the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre
  • Why share georeferenced information about species
  • Open licensing of data
  • How to publish and share open data

The workshop agenda, presentations and videos can be found on the Norwegian GBIF website.

Natural History Museum
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4 February 2020