2021 Workshop on the digitization and mobilization of Gabon's biodiversity data

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22 - 26 November 2021
08:00 - 17:00 CET
BID-AF2020-122-NAC, workshop
Photo by Géovanne Aymar Nziengui Djiembi, All rights reserved

A technical workshop presented in French with a focus on digitization, data management, and georeferencing data within the Gabon Symbiota Portal. At the end of the workshop, the data will be transferred within the Gabon portal to GBIF. This workshop is limited to Gabonese researchers working on the BID project BID-AF2020-122-NAC.

ENEF, Akanda, Gabon
22 November 2021 08:00 - 26 November 2021 17:00