Data mobilization Workshop

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15 - 16 June 2023
15:30 - 00:00 CEST

With the aim of building local capacities, the Cartagena Botanical Garden, with the support of the BID program Biodiversity Information for Development, GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility), and the European Union, will carry out the second workshop on data publication and analysis methodologies in connection through the project Data mobilization of the Cartagena Botanical Garden collections.

The workshop, dedicated to students and professionals, will explain the processes of data publication in GBIF and its importance. This will directly increase the published data and encourage young local researchers to contribute to this objective. By making more information available to the public about the Colombian Caribbean ecosystems, we will contribute to their protection and restoration.

Jardin Botanico de Cartagena
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15 June 2023 15:30 - 16 June 2023 00:00