Bird Numbers 2022: “Beyond the Atlas: challenges and opportunities” The 22 Conference of EBCC

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4 - 10 April 2022
Group photo from the ABAP workshop
Picture taken by Bello Adamu

Five participants working under The African Bird Atlas Project BID-AF2020-039-REG attended the 22nd Conference of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) Bird Numbers 2022: “Beyond the Atlas: challenges and opportunities” in Lucerne, followed by a African Bird Atlas Programme (ABAP) workshop in Sempach.

The conference highlighted the importance of a central database as most talks originated from citizen science generated data. It also highlighted the different applications of this data and how they have been used to drive policy and change attitudes in different European countries.

The workshop concluded that there will be the need for more funding to address some of these concerns. This funding should particularly be directed to incorporating historical records as well as keeping the database managers, analysts and administrators to continue to manage the database.

Lucerne and Sempach
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4 - 10 April 2022