Increasing the value of Agrobiodiversity and the importance of biodiversity databases for wine production

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26 January 2017
21:30 CET

The project Agrotraining is organizing a full-day workshop with  stakeholders to analyse and assess the needs of biodiversity information for agrobiodiversity uses. The workshop will focus on the wine and vineyard production row, including all actors in the row from producers, regulators, consumers and scientific researchers.

The workshop will include two parts:

Part I - Focus group on the reflection about concepts and needs on biodiversity information for agrobiodiversity uses

Part II - building case studies to explore the use of biodiversity information published through GBIF or other sources

Language of the event: Portuguese

Website of the event: (in Portuguese)

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Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Auditório Sedas Nunes
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26 January 2017 21:30