IBRC Workshop 2019: Paleotropical bat ecology and conservation: from science generation to science dissemination

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2 August 2019

This workshop is scheduled as part of the BIFA project “Implementation of acoustics to fill the gaps of bat biodiversity information for Southeast Asia” (Project ID BIFA4_024) to take place during the 2019 IBRC Workshop to be held in Hat Yai, Thailand.

They offer training on bat ecology, including ecosystem services by Pteropodidae, bioacoustics data analysis, and publication.

The aims of this workshop are to:

  1. introduce the flow and concept of the project;
  2. guide the participants to clean and reformat their acoustic recordings for the designed database; and
  3. identify the gaps and challenges of the integration the occurrence and acoustic databases to capture species occurrence data represented by acoustic recordings for bats in this region.
Prince of Songkla University campus
Hat Yai, Thailand
2 August 2019