GBIF community webinar: February 2021

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25 February 2021
15:00 - 16:30 CET

GBIF community webinars aim to improve sustained communication and interaction between the Secretariat and the broader GBIF community, particularly (but not exclusively) the GBIF nodes. By keeping a keen eye on new projects and initiatives within the context of the GBIF strategic plan and annual work programme and implementation plan, we hope that these discussions spark new collaboration and engagement opportunities across the network.


Time Topic Speaker Presentation
15:00 Intro and welcome Kyle Copas
GBIF Secretariat
15:05 Intro to 2021 Virtual nodes meetings André Heughebaert
Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Chair, GBIF Nodes Committee
15:10 Getting involved in 2021 virtual nodes meetings Mélianie Raymond
GBIF Secretariat
15:20 Developments in the GBIF hosted portals pilot phase Mélianie Raymond
GBIF Secretariat
15:30 Round-up of funded programmes Tim Hirsch
GBIF Secretariat
15:45 Updates on IUCN collaboration Andrew Rodrigues
GBIF Secretariat
prerecorded video
15:55 Page forward, page back: Update on digital documentation Laura Russell
GBIF Secretariat
16:00 News and notes Kyle Copas
GBIF Secretariat
16:05 Community Q&A
25 February 2021 15:00 - 16:30