Biodiversity Data Mobilization Workshop

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14 - 16 March 2019

This workshop aims to enhance the online, global visibility of local institutions and, most importantly, enhance their capacity to effectively mobilize biodiversity data in accordance with the standards of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. By doing so, these institutions will be able to contribute to the growing amount of high-quality biodiversity data on Philippine biodiversity available for use in scientific research and policymaking. It will comprise of seven modules focusing mainly on biodiversity data mobilization – data capture, data cleaning and quality checking, data standardization, and online publishing. This event relates to the Biodiversity Information Fund for Asia project "Alien reptiles and amphibians of the Philippines" (BIFA3_26).

The Hotel & Convention Place, 68 Scout Tuazon corner Scout Madrinan Street, Barangay South Triangle
Quezon City
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14 - 16 March 2019