Workshop coordination meeting at Chiangkhan Hydrology Station

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15 March 2022

Organized as part of the BIFA6_030 project "Using microbial metabarcoding to monitor biodiversity and bioindicators in the Mekong River, project team members, Dr. Piyanun Harnpicharnchai and Mr. Worawongsin Boonsin, were dispatched to Chiangkhan Hydrology Station, Loei province, Thailand, to discuss the future collaboration in the workshop as a guest lecturer.

The experts at the hydrological station were invited to give a lecture on hydrological monitoring of Mekong river. The meeting also discussed the possibility to record demonstration videos of water hydrological analysis. Moreover, the meeting resulted in an agreement to integrate the hydrological data of Mekong river at Chiangkhan station with the project’s eDNA-based occurrence data.

Chiangkhan Hydrology Station
Loei province
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15 March 2022