Closing conference for "The Biodiversity Theses Database" project

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22 - 23 March 2019
Closing ceramony, BIFA3_023
Group photo by Dina Setyaningrum licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

This closing conference for the BIFA project The Biodiversity Theses Database adopted the concept of a World Café and as such held a “Warung Kopi Biodiverskripsi” to not only to promote the project and it’s data portal, but to also to improve awareness in the importance of well-managed large-scale biodiversity data collection, storage, and access.

For this event, four practitioners in biodiversity data management were invited:

  • Anang Setiawan Achmadi, Node manager InaBIF, shared knowledge about the development of a national biodiversity database;
  • Usman Muchlish, Senior Data Research Officer of The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), shared knowledge about data management from an IT perspective and ways to collect data in the field, using android apps from Open Data Kit;
  • Teguh Triono, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Indonesia, shared his perspective about how citizen science could contribute to large scale biodiversity data; and
  • Safran Yusri, Yayasan Terangi (Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation), shared knowledge about how large-scale biodiversity data could be used in detecting environmental change and its caveats.

By realizing the importance of biodiversity data mobilization into an integrated system that can be accessed systematically by everyone and anywhere, the project has aimed to increase people’s awareness in biodiversity informatics and this World Café approach was considered effective in extracting inputs from participants about biodiversity data mobilization.

Participants were aware of the importance of integrated, open-access biodiversity data to tackle conservation problems and biodiversity-related policies, and with this, the importance of data security and long-term management to keep the mobilization effort beneficial towards national interest, was highlighted.

The event was closed by a soft-launch of the Biodiverskripsi data portal, for which participants were requested to provide feedback, in order to improve and increase data portal usage.

CICO Resort
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22 - 23 March 2019