Use of Google Maps and Google Earth (Webinar 3/3)

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27 November 2020
17:00 - 19:00 CET

Final and 3rd webinar on Georeferencing and related issues for the Spanish-speaking community November 2020.

Speaker: Catalina Merino (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural Chile)

Webinar 3: Use of Google Maps and Google Earth

In the geolocation of biological records there are two tools that are widely used: Google Maps and Google Earth. These tools are excellent resources to identify localities, determine their extensions, and even see temporal variations. By integrating the use of these tools, the process of georeferencing records can be carried out relatively easily. However, to take full advantage of the capabilities of the tools, we must have a good understanding of what can and cannot be done with them. In this webinar we will show the basic and not so basic features and functions of Google Maps and Google Earth that can be applied to georeferencing biological records, and we will explore the different considerations that must be taken into account regarding their use.

The second hour of the seminar will be used as a discussion and consultation session.

This series is a part of the project Tackling the spatial challenge in the Southern Cone through georeferencing training CESP2019-014
under the CESP programme.

Online: live broadcast on youtube:
27 November 2020 17:00 - 19:00