Africa Nodes meeting 2022

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27 - 28 July 2022
Philothamnus irregularis Irregular Green Snake
Irregular Green Snake (Philothamnus irregularis) (Leach, 1819), Observed in Togo. Photo 2019 toganim via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

Watch the GBIF Secretariat update below before the meeting

Agenda overview

  • Updates on the global node strategy and 2022 priorities
  • Preparing for GBIF's next strategic period 2023-2027
  • Update on GBIF's capacity development framework and resource mobilization roadmap
  • Opportunities provided by GBIF hosted portals programme
  • GBIF Data Use Club
  • Development of thematic communities to increase relevance and engagement
  • Sub-regional breakout sessions
  • BID current progress and future directions
  • Expanding the GBIF-Africa network
  • Workshop on citizen science opportunities
  • Feedback on NSG matters
  • Recommendations from the Africa region for the GB meeitng

Email comments and questions to Jean Ganglo and Innocent Akampurira.

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27 - 28 July 2022