Introductory workshop on biodiversity informatics and data mobilization

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13 January 2018

The Tropical Plant Exploration Group (TroPEG) Cameroon organized a one-day training workshop for postgraduate students from the Department of Botany and Plant Physiolog of the University of Buea. In total, 30 masters and Ph.D. students attended the workshop. The intention of the workshop was to introduce the relatively new field of Flora Biodiversity Informatics to the students. The workshop was held as a part of a GBIF BID project, Mobilization of Biodiversity Data Related to Protected Areas and Threatened Species in Western Cameroon.

Some of the main speakers were members of the TroPEG team and Prof. Mih Mathias of the University of Buea. Some of the topics of the workshop was conservation and livelihood, data identification and mobilization, and mainstream biodiversity and biodiversity informatics systems. The workshop got great response. Photos and more details can be found on TroPEGs website.

University of Buea
13 January 2018