GBIF Regional Meeting: North American Nodes

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21 - 22 July 2014

The fourth GBIF North American Nodes meeting will focus on progress updates of the North American regional strategy and discuss the way forward for implementing the strategy in the next year.

9:00 am
Welcome, Tour de Table - Introductions (R. Hanner & M. Graham)

9:30 am
Mtg Objectives, strategic workplan, data struture updates (GBIF Secretariat)

10:15 am

10:30 am
BISON update (B. Wheeler)

11:00 am
CanBif (Re)Launch

11:30 am
Canadensys update (D. Shorthouse)

12:00 pm
Lunch and Tour of BIO/CBG

1:00 pm
Varied presentations pending response to this message

3:30 pm
Group Discussion

4:30 pm
Suggestions on priorities and recommendations to the governing board, updates to the Node site and potential election of a regional representative.

5:30 pm

Country or area
21 - 22 July 2014