Spatial Conservation Planning with Marxan by Transmitting Science

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18 - 22 August 2014

Marxan (Ian Ball and Hugh Possingham, 2000) is a software program used to support the design of marine and terrestrial reserves worldwide. Using Marxan, planners can identify an efficient system of conservation sites that include a suite of biodiversity targets at a minimal cost. Marxan provides a unique method for designing reserves that is systematic and repeatable.

This course will provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan in the context of a marine conservation planning exercise.

The following topics are covered in the Introduction to Marxan: Key concepts in systematic conservation planning, creation of planning units, creation of essential Marxan input files with GIS software, parameter setting in Marxan, understanding and using Marxan results, Zonae Cogito (front-end software to support Marxan), using the cloud system, advanced planning using Marxan with Zones, incorporating uncertainty using Marxan with Probability.

Spatial Conservation Planning with Marxan by Transmitting Science
Centre of Restauració i Interpretació Paleontologica
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18 - 22 August 2014