Dados da rede GBIF: o protocolo DiGIR

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6 - 7 November 2006
15:15 - 15:15 CET

This event was organized during the mentoring project between Spain and Portugal. In the initial action plan for this mentoring project, this workshop was planned mainly as a practical activity to capacitate IT staff from the Portuguese institutions holding biodiversity data to set up DiGIR data servers in their institutions. Encouraged by the excellent welcome of the first workshop held in Braga, the organizers decided to extend this workshop to include presentations related to the role of data providers: Intellectual Property Rights, data quality, sensitive data, GBIF data uses and digitization software available. The DiGIR training session was projected and performed according to the guidelines provided by GBIF Secretariat. All the information related with this workshop, including the schedule is available at: The event was a success, with 44 people from 20 different institutions who sent their subscriptions to participate in the workshop. 22 participants from this group stayed in the DiGIR server installation training session.

Portuguese National Museum of Natural History, Lisbon
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6 November 2006 15:15 - 7 November 2006 15:15
Portuguese and Spanish