Data Publishing Workshop in Lomé, March 2011

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3 - 5 March 2011
14:30 - 14:30 CET

This workshop has been organised by GBIF Togo with the participation of GBIF France, as part of the mentoring project between these two countries. The workshop was attended by representatives of ministries, teachers of the University of Lomé, researchers, private and civil society organisations. The aim of the workshop was to provide the knowledge that a publisher needs in order to publish their data via GBIF. Presentations, debates and tutorials covered various topics including the GBIF network, data digitisation, the data publishing tool (IPT), intellectual properties rights and sensitive data. It was also an opportunity for all participants to share their vision and concerns regarding biodiversity data mobilisation within the country and to sign a partnership agreement with GBIF Togo. In addition to this event (5-8 March 2011), the visit of the French Node was also the opportunity for providing technical support to the Togolese Node, with on-site training of a local technician (Koudjo Akpene) and the publication of a first data set from the Togolese National Herbarium using the IPT. These activities conclude the mentoring project, which enabled GBIF Togo to become an operational biodiversity information facility.

Conference Center of FOPADESC in Lomé, Togo
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3 March 2011 14:30 - 5 March 2011 14:30