Metadata documentation, application of Cassia Cataloguer and Data Geo-referencing

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10 - 15 March 2008
12:00 - 12:00 CET

Objectives of the training course: To increase overall capacity of Argentine and Latin American research and conservation institutions to document, administer and exchange metadata and geo-reference specimen and species-related data, as well as to generate the objective conditions needed for establishing a national and regional biodiversity information network.

The mentoring initiative comprised training on practical and theoretical aspects about biological metadata management, considering metadata as metadata of datasets —for example metadata concepts, metadata standards and documentation tools. A total 24 metatada of datasets were documented using Cassia®. These initial datasets will be used by the Argentine network to initiate a national inventory of biodiversity datasets distributed throughout the country. Additional datasets provided by SIB-APN were taken as examples of standardised elements (v.g. Darwin Core) to be used for exchange through global providers (such as GBIF, IABIN and others).

San Carlos de Bariloche (Rio Negro, Argentina)
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10 March 2008 12:00 - 15 March 2008 12:00