CESAB Workshop “Managing Biodiversity Data for Scientific Synthesis”

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15 - 17 January 2014

Synthesis and analysis of scientific data has proven an invaluable tool for the emergence of new theory, paradigms, knowledge and research needs within the broad scientific field of biodiversity. However, much remains to be done to make data from biodiversity research fully available and usable for synthesis and analysis. A significant part of this challenge relates to the management of these potentially available data.

The main objectives of this workshop are:

  1. to provide an overview of data management for ecology/biodiversity science in various institutions: synthesis centers, national and international bodies, etc.

  2. to discuss the steps required to implement an efficient data management process in such institutions so that raw data can become available to the wider scientific/stakeholder community.

  3. To propose best practices and minimum requirements for data quality and management

CESAB Workshop “Managing Biodiversity Data for Scientific Synthesis”
CEntre de Synthèse et d’Analyse sur la Biodiversité (CESAB), Domaine du Petit Arbois
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15 - 17 January 2014