Building Biodiversity Informatics Institutions Course

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23 - 26 July 2013

This course focuses on development and establishment of institutions that focus on biodiversity informatics. As a consequence, we envision participants as individuals who are more advanced, with the potential to participate in creation of such institutions. See, as examples of such institutions, Mexico's CONABIO (, Brazil's CRIA (, Costa Rica's INBio (, Colombia's Humboldt Institute (, Australia's Atlas of Living Australia (, and South Africa's SANBI (, all examples of such institutions, albeit very different from one to the next.

For this course, we will have as 'experts' several personalities who have participated in the establishment of such institutions providing commentary and insight into the process, and giving ideas and strategies for establishment of such institutions in other regions and countries. Special focus will be placed on situations particular to developing-world countries.

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South Africa
23 - 26 July 2013